About us


At Unees Bees, our artisans create handcrafted garments that you can live and breathe in. Garments that become second skin overtime. We design keeping in mind your comfort and utility. Our styles are versatile and effortless. 



We want to offer you well tailored and quality clothing and accessories that don't burn a hole in your pocket. We follow the following conscious manufacturing practices -

Signature block prints - We design our own prints. These are then passed on to wooden block makers who transfer the design on wood. These blocks are used by our printers to print the designs on fabric.

Hand picked fabrics - We select fabrics already available in stock with the block printers and fabric manufacturers.

Tie and Dye - We work with dyers on different tie and dye techniques.

Made to order - We make each piece only after you place an order to ensure minimum wastage and pile up of dead stock.

Fair wages - We do not bargain with our artisans. Each person involved in the making of our products is paid fairly.

Up cycling - We aim to be a zero-waste brand. We do not throw away our leftover and side cut fabrics. Instead, we use it to make our packaging bags and sustainable gifts and accessories.



Unees-Bees are two words in the Hindi language that literally translate to 19 (Unees) and 20 (Bees). The two words are often used together to form a phrase meaning, “a minor difference”. This Phrase has been used commonly in the sartorial sense for years, especially when talking about color matching.

Through our designs, we endeavor to embrace the beauty that lies in imperfection that is inevitable in anything Hand Made. Be it that extra drop of dye that fell on the fabric while Hand Block Printing, the irregularity of Tie and Dye or the patchy appearance of Indigo dyeing. We love the aesthetic appearance that can only be a result of Hand Crafting. And thus, the name “Unees Bees”.

Over the years we have have primarily worked with traditional Block Printing and dyeing artisans and and have developed a mix of designs using our signature prints along with classic designs that have been used by our printers for years. Our garments offer you a chance to make Indian crafts and fabrics a part of your everyday wear.